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Your story deserves to be told.

Beyond teaching group classes, private writing coaching has become one of my biggest joys. I've found that I can often see the hints of magic in the work well before my writers can, and I know how to coach those threads into something that shines.


Over the past few years, I've helped students with idea generation, revision, and everything in between. Of course, my favorite way to work with writers on their stories is start-to-finish—but this means something different for everyone! What this usually looks like? I find the stories you want to tell through supportive, stress-free conversation, and I help shape them into narratives once the ideas start to flow. I encourage you to be your best and truest self—I want my funny students to be funny, and my insightful ones to blow some minds. I ask questions to help you get to the next step, offer motivation and accountability, and find the right exercises to teach you what will bring you to the next level. Whether we start at “I just need a pair of knowledgeable eyes on this” or “I have no idea what I'm doing,” I know where we'll end up: your story, on the page, in a way that's memorable, compelling, and full of authentic personality.

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